AgileOS for Coaches, Consultants & Trainers

Helping You Exceed Your Client’s Expectations 

Use our framework, blueprints and systems to enrich your offer and deliver on your client promises. 

We have a suite of world-class systems and proven blueprints that you can incorprate in your own offering to create a service that boosts your revenue, retention and reputation. 

AgileOS improves your results and reputation. 

Competition is increasing in the empowerment and advisory industry. The foundation of any intangible business is customer confidence in your delivery, both before and after you negotiate your contract. AgileOS helps you exceed the customer’s expectations, and generate the two things we want most: repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.  


The Lego-brick style of our training modules and action blueprints allows you to use them for your own programmes and sessions, tailoring them for your own requirements. Instant access means you are seconds away from the right tool or technique.


Using our Trello based action management system, you can provide people with a clear understanding of what action they need to take and how those actions should be accomplished, thanks to the action block structure with embedded instructions.


Using the drag-and-drop systems within AgileOS to manage the client’s desired and achieved actions means you have an easy way to track progress and activity. It’s something the client will tell people about as well, leading to more referrals.   


By having a system that works the same way each time, you can ensure you provide a consistent expereince for each client. It also allows you to grow your bsuiness faster, by having blueprints and systems for new staff to work with.

Our Core Focus Areas 

You can use the AgileOS Framework to deliver almost any style of training, coaching or consultancy programme, but here are some of the areas where the content we have will add specific value to what you do and teach.


Whether it’s an individual or a business, having the right framework to connect your high level vision to on-the-ground action is essential for any success. Our framework is built around effective action based on clear and focussed thinking.


One of our core drives is helping businesses understand the type of transformation that people desire, and designing products and services that delight their customers and dismay their competitors. We have a number of strategies to do that.


Most professionals today face a stressful struggle to define and prioritise what they are supposed to be doing. One of our main missions is help provide a framework to manage mutiple projects and objectives at once. 


One of the key problems professionals face is balancing priorities across different life areas. By providing a framework to manage priorities side-by-side, we aim to improve the quality of life, as well as the level of professional success.  

What the AgileOS framework gives you

The tools and content within the AgileOS framework are the result of 25 years of experience and millions of pounds of testing and refinement with empowerment companies of all sizes.

A mobile management system for client delivery

Based on the popular Trello system, you can offer your clients a full and portable management system that helps them easily integrate and manage as many projects and tasks as they wish. 

Blueprints for sessions and action recommendations

We have a wide range of blueprints for sessions that you can run with your client, and also drag-and-drop into your management platform, thus giving clients an excellent expereince.

Ongoing support and blueprint development 

We are developing an active support community, and we want to provide you with the resources to provide world class value to the people you empower.
We’re ready and willing to help.

Clear & Fair Pricing

Our training modules and action blueprints are divided into two sections. Basic ones are free, and cover most initial scenarios. Advanced ones can be licensed via a small one-off payment. This allows you to get started and buy only what you need to succeed.

Revenue raised not only helps us support and develop the AgileOS framework, but also funds our Deliveraid mission, where we provide computers and education to disadvtaged children in pooor areas. 


If you want to white-label our systems and services, (as in hide our brand completely from yoru offering) there is a small monthly charge – which a single coaching or training session will easily recoup.


If you are happy to attribute our systems and blueprints to us, there is no white-label charge.

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