Getting Started with Agile OS

Welcome to the AgileOS community!

You are just 3 steps away from having one of the most flexible and portable productivity systems in use today.


Get your Trello Account

Get an account for the free Trello system which is the platform our AgileOS boards run on.


Get your Board

Get your copy of our AgileOS Board template.


Join our Community

Get the answers you want fast.

Step #1: Get a free Trello Account.

We use Trello for the platform that underlies AgileOS, because Trello is easy to use, flexible, free and robust. It’s used by tens of millions of people worldwide, so you can build on it with confidence.

Sign up for Trello here

Step #2: Get your board.

Your AgileOS board is the core of your system. We have a template one ready for you, so once you have created your copy, you can then customise it for your own projects. You can create as many copies as you like, allowing you to have one for home and one to share with work colleagues if you like!

So let’s get you your own AgileOS board:

Create your own board from our template.

Click here to access our template board. Once there, click on the “show menu” link at the top right. Click on More … and you”ll see a link for to “Copy Board”. Click on the link, give your new board a name, and she’s all yours!

Watch our training video

We have 2 versions of our intro video – a 6 minute FastTrack Edition for busy people and a 20 minute Detailed Edition for people who want to find out more about how and why this works. The board also has deletable info cards so you can see which bit does what!

You can access your new boards at any time by logging into Trello.

You can also get Trello on your smartphone for Apple, Android and the like. Just go to your particular appstore, search for Trello, install the app and login. Then your AgileOS system is truly mobile!

Step #3: Join the AgileOS community via our Facebook group.

We have created a Facebook group, the aim of which is to allow you to ask us how to do particular things with AgileOS. You can find and join it here. We also have a support page where you can drop us a query, but please feel free to come along to the group and ask questions, and we will give you the answers.