How to create an Expert Bio

How to create an Expert Bio

What we can create with this Blueprint …

This is ideal for situations where you need to tell people who you are, who you serve and why they should listen to what you have to say.

This blueprint has been created based on the premise that people, in general, are busy, a little self-obsessed and thus are only interested in you when they know how you can help them.

We’ve also designed it so that you can use it in various situations. The format and structure stays the same – but the level of detail will alter. If you are doing a page on you for your website, you can expand quite a lot on each point. If it’s part of a promo video, a line on each point will probably be enough.     

Start with WHO you serve

Start with who you serve- this helps people know right off the bat that you are someone that can help them specifically. Also say why it’s important that those people are served – you will set yourself up as someone who actually cares about your customers, not just seeing them as a route to profit.

Say WHAT you help them achieve

Let them know what transformation you will help them achieve. You help people go from their unwanted BEFORE state to their desired AFTER state.

Tell briefly HOW you help them achieve it

Summarise the services you offer, and how each one of them helps the person’s transformation. (Feature/benefit style)

Tell them WHY you are able to help them

Here you can list your pedigree. Length of experience, significant names/projects you have worked on. Authority and credibility building. Include any testimonials if you have them from significant people.

Say WHO you are and what you stand for

Here’s where you can bring out your personality. Doing this for a good reason? shout it out.

Tell them HOW they can engage with you

Give them the next step in working with you to create the transformation they want. (Sign up to email list – get my free guide/checklist etc)


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