You have about 7 seconds …

… for me to grab your attention before you leave.

(And, of course, you face the the same challenge when your customers read your website, flyers and posts.)

Because that’s how long it’s estimated our minds will wait for the answers to 2 eternal questions:

“What is this, and is it of relevance or benefit to me?”

So right up front, we need to show that this is perfect for you specifically, and also well-timed, because we’ve launched an opportunity for you to get free help and assistance if:

  • you own (or want to own) a service or empowerment business (ie, you’re someone who calls their customers “clients”.)
  • you’re having problems standing out from the crowd (you feel like you are one of many on a choked internet)
  • you want more clients (preferably nices ones with decent budget and appetite for what you do)
  • you have a limited budget that (fortunately) prevents you from just throwing money at marketing agencies
  • you want to spend more time working with clients and less time getting them (so automating your client pipeline would be lovely)

Reading the above bullets, now you can see that this actually is relevant and possibly of benefit to you, because you are that person and those are some of your key problems.

(The other people that it’s not relevant for will have moved on at this stage, whereas you, however, will now keep reading to see exactly what help and assistance will be forthcoming.)

Having established the problem, we now need to agitate it a little. This bit is a little less comfortable, but there is good news coming, which will seem even better in contrast.

(Like one of those shop doorway warm air blowers on a cold grey wintery day.)

The agitation comes from probing a bit deeper into the problem.

So we possibly have a bit of guilt in there, because you know you need to be better at marketing, because then you’d have more clients. (Ideally, fun ones with more appetite and more budget.)

And there’s also a bit of annoyance in there too, because you know people who:

  • who aren’t nearly as good at delivering as you are
  • who are nevertheless getting the good clients that you want
  • simply because they are better than you at marketing

And there is that fear about the future. “Will I get left behind? Where will my business be in 5 years?”

Because you know that the competition isn’t going to get any easier.

But at this stage, we get to let you off the hook, and tell you why it’s not really your fault.

Let’s face it – you got into business to deliver value and get well paid for it in return.

To help people in the way that you do.

It’s fun. It’s what you get paid for, and it’s why you got into business.

(Or it’s why you want to get into business, if you are still starting out.)

It’s when time seems to disappear. Flow state.

Small business marketing, on the other hand, isn’t what you were trained for.

(You like HAVING clients, but you don’t like having to GET clients.)

Getting clients is the bit that you call “work.”

Again there will be some other people who say “I’m brilliant as I am – I need no improvement or help in getting clients.”

Those people will now be gone, leaving just you and me, because we know that if you could nail the marketing, you’d make more money and have more fun doing what you love.

At this point, we can touch on things you’ve tried in the past to solve this problem, because it will reassure you that I get where you are coming from.

You wish there was some clever technology stuff that did all that marketing “work” for you.

And what’s more, you’re pretty sure there is, because you can see other people using it.

But you’re not 100% sure HOW it works, or more specifically, how it could work best FOR YOU.

You’ve looked on the Internet, of course, and it’s full of information.

Chock full of information.

(Overwhelmingly so, in fact.)

Quite possibly you’ve taken courses, where people have reeled off a bunch of stuff from the front of the room that didn’t mean much to you personally, and which you couldn’t remember the next day anyway. (By which time 70% of it has gone for good, according to Science™.)

Yes, you’ve engaged web designers, and, yes, the stuff they gave you looked pretty, but no, it just didn’t seem to work.

But you know you’ve got to figure it out somehow, so you keep plugging away with a growing sense of frustration.

It’s frustrating because you’re having to figure out how to do something that you don’t really want to be doing anyway.

So finally, let’s now flip all that around, leave frustration behind, and look at what “great” would look like for you.

(At this point, we’re seguing into the call to action, by the way.)

“Great” would be if you could just simply talk to someone who knows this field, and you could say – “look – here’s my business, these are my clients – what should I do to make the business side of things happen as much as possible without me being involved?

Someone who know their stuff, but who also knows a language called “plain English”.

Someone who could give you a map of how to get from where you specifically are now to where you specifically want to be.

Something that would show you specifically how to engage with clients, get them to like, trust and most of all choose you.

(The reason we’ve used the words specifically a number of times in a row is because it’s the important bit, the bit you won’t get from the courses, books and other one-way teaching stuff out there that you have either tried or are considering right now.)

Whilst the idea of getting specific guidance sounds good, there is another question you have (which your clients will also have for you, of course.)

Which is “who are you, and why are you doing this?”  

I’m Peter Cameron-Burnett, and I have 20 years’ experience helping people like yourself get more higher-paying clients with less effort in 90 days.

I’ve helped trainers go from startup to 8-figure empires. I’ve helped coaches cut their cost per lead by 70%, and helped businesses launch digital training products that made over £300,000 on the first day – all automated. I’ve run 5000 delegate business conferences working with Richard Branson and other business leaders, and taught innovation and marketing on three continents.

(There’s a bunch more stuff, but all you’re really concerned about is “do I really look like someone who can help you solve your problem“.)

That’s anwered the who for now – now the why.

I’d like to offer you a free 30 minute session, where together we cover:

  • Who your clients are, and how you get them right now
  • A tried-and-tested 7 step client attraction process – and what that looks like for you
  • The 5 things you need to make happen in your client’s mind so they choose you
  • How to attract the clients you want the most, regardless of whether they are ready to buy right now or not
  • How to put it all on autopilot, so that you just get warm and hot prospects approaching you

We’ll do it using Zoom, because on the call, we’ll build you a roadmap as we go, that you get to keep, which will be the guidance you need.


Because maybe after the call, you’ll want to work on it further together.

Or maybe you’ll want to try it alone.

Either is fine, by the way, because I like working with people where there is a good fit (just like you do.)

What IS unquestionable though, is that you will come away from that call with a very clear idea (and a roadmap) for how to get the clients you really want, with less effort, and before the rest of your competitors do.

So now it’s time to decide if you want to invest 30 minutes to have 20 years of experience at your disposal, to help you get more and better clients into your business with less effort.

At this point, we sometimes use urgency or scarcity to encourage people to click on the button.

The scarcity here is my time. Because you are talking to me direct, there aren’t many slots available, because just like you, I’m pretty busy.

So click below (it only takes about 30 seconds to book a slot) and we can continue this in person.

See you soon!