One Sheet to build (and launch) it all …

So, you know how

normally when you are trying to start a business, there’s a lot of trial and error, mistakes and dead ends.

Lots of different tasks and hopes and fears, all fluttering around the idea in your head like moths around a light bulb.

And you end up in analysis paralysis because you know you only have a 1 in 3 chance of getting it right before you run out of money and enthusiasm.

And so you end up thinking about your idea endlessly because it’s easier to do that than pull the trigger and commit.

Well, what we do instead

… is give you a system that helps you get it right, and get it launched.

Because we help you do the right thinking up front, you design a business that’s got a lot of potential.

Because we give you the blueprints, you build the stuff you actually need quickly and cost-effectively.

Because we make sure you get it to market fast, you launch fast, learn fast, and grow fast.

The first step …

… is to get our One-Sheet smart business launch system. (It’s completely free.)

We’ve used a very simple spreadsheet-based system (as most people know how Excel works) which, together with the instructions here on the site, will help you:

  • shortlist, evaluate and select your very best business ideas
  • understand exactly who you customers are, what they want, and how you can find them
  • know who will be the happiest clients who pay the most for your services
  • structure and price products to make to most of a wide range of budgets and appetites
  • define your brand and why people should buy from you
  • build your marketing so that people notice and choose you above everyone else
  • launch fast, learn fast, grow fast
  • manage getting everything done in the right order at the right time

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