QuickLaunch: Running Your AgileOS System Day-to-Day


Running Your AgileOS system day-to-day …

The whole aim of AgileOS is to give you amazing returns on the time you invest in it.

We’re all busy people, and we’ve refined using this to a series of actions you can do day to day, so here’s how to get the most out of the system in the shortest possible space of time.

Video Walkthrough


Weekly Review Actions

  • This is something we do once a week for each backlog. (Pro tip – do your personal backlog review on a Sunday evening with a glass of wine, and do the business one on a Monday morning with a cup of coffee.😃 )
  • Taking each Backlog in turn:
  • Go through your each of your roles, focus areas and missions.
    • Are they correct?
    • Is there anything missing?
    • Are the objectives a good expression of what you want to achieve right now across all of those key areas?
  • For each objective:
    • Do we have the right projects in place to achieve those objectives?
    • Are the targets still reasonable and SMART?
  • For each project:
    • Are the actions we have sufficient to deliver this project?
    • Are they prioritised correctly?
  • On the Sprint Board
    • Review the completed items for lessons learned, and archive or delete them.
    • If there is anything remaining in the sprint backlog board, review why. 
  • Take the sprint backlog list column from your sprint board, and move it to the relevant backlog board.
  • Move it like a shopping trolley along the list of projects (and misc tasks) and add in the actions you want to achieve this week (bearing in mind what you still have to do from last week).
  • Move it back to the Sprint Board
  • Check calendars and add in any meetings etc to the sprint board
  • Decide if there are any tasks in the sprint backlog that need to be done on a certain day. If so, move them to that day. (E.g. if you are going to sort the contract with Steve on Thursday, move that card straight to Thursday’s day list.)
  • Go for it, tiger!

Daily Actions (On your sprint board)

  • Bring today’s daily card forward so it sits between the sprint backlog and the processing list.
  • Move any of the remaining tasks from the previous day over to today’s list. (Leaving any recurring tasks attached to the right day list.)
  • Move yesterday’s day card over to the back end
  • Decide what you are going to get done today, and move those tasks from the sprint backlog to the day card.
  • If you are working with a team, look at doing a daily standup meeting (Quick 5-10 mins a day using the standup card as a template to make sure everyone is on the same page and doing the right things)

Adhoc Actions

  • When new tasks come in, then add them to your sprint board if you need to do them this week, or to the relevant project in your backlog (or misc tasks) if you don’t need to do it this week.
  • TIP: Get the trello app for your mobile, and have a link to it on your home screen. Then you can add stuff as it comes in double fast.

Please Note: the layout of the board that you get and these instructions are designed to help you build a firm foundation. (Think of it as the shallow end of the swimming pool.)

There are many more things we can do with this board, but whether you do them or not will depend on what you need and how far into this you want to go!