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Creating your Customer Journey

This is probably one of the most important tutorials on this site. It shows you how to take a customer from “I don’t know you” to “I love you and I want to buy everything you offer.”

Creating a Customer Avatar

This is a highly useful tutorial, because we are going to define exactly who your customer is and what their interests, hopes and fears are.

Evaluating a Business Idea

In this tutorial, we are going to take your business idea and ask some killer questions to see just how good an idea it actually is. Then we are going to give it a score, so we can compare it to the other ideas you have.

Creating a Business Idea Shortlist

In this tutorial, we are going to come up with ideas about services you can provide, and look at who is likely to pay you the most money, and give you the most joy to work with.

Defining Your Mission

Here, we’re looking at what your overall vision is, which is a shared purpose that inspires you and gives a reason and purpose to what you do beyond pennies in bank accounts – and you mission – which is how you express that.