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Creating your Customer Journey

This is probably one of the most important tutorials on this site. It shows you how to take a customer from “I don’t know you” to “I love you and I want to buy everything you offer.”

Creating a Customer Avatar

This is a highly useful tutorial, because we are going to define exactly who your customer is and what their interests, hopes and fears are.

How to create a 5 Step Offer Formula

Here’s a great 5 step formula that you can use to structure almost any kind of ad, webpage or pitch.

How to create powerful Testimonials & Case Studies

Here’s a very useful template for testimonials and case studies.

How to create a Customer Strategy Roadmap

The customer roadmap is a great engagement tool for you if you are a service business. You can offer it as part of a consultancy call, so the customer want to do the call to get your plan for how they can improve.