The Holy Grail Strategy: How to sell high-price services online

If your survival depends on your ability to sell high-priced services online, then this article is for you.

I’m going to share with you the strategy that we created to help a client – who was about to lose his business – turn everything around, whilst at the same time cutting the cost of client acquistion by 70%, reducing cancellations to virtually zero, and greatly reducing his working hours.

The Problem

The problem our client had was that his 16-year-old business was on the verge of collapse, for a number of reasons:

1. His business had previously relied on getting people to free events, which were drying up.

2. The costs of getting people to respond to his advertising were spiralling out of control.

3. He was finding it very difficult to stand out from an increasing amount of competition.

4. It was almost impossible to monitor and manage his marketing and sales because of so many human variables.

The Underlying Cause

Working with him, we realised that there were several deeper reasons that were causing his problems:

1. He didn’t have a clear customer avatar, so his advertising was too vague and vanilla to be noticed.

2. The people he actually wanted had stopped going to free events, and were using the net to choose a provider.

3. His service was excellent, but clients didn’t know enough about the subject to choose him over lesser competitors.

4. People wanted his product for different reasons, and the broadcast-to-many approach wasn’t tailored enough to close them, given the price point.

What The Solution Needed To Deliver

It was clear that something needed to be done fast, and cost effectively. So we sat down to work out what the ideal solution would look like. (What we started calling the Holy Grail solution.) We came up with 4 key requirements:

1. The ads would need to jump off the page and say “this is aimed at you and the problems you have” to the customer.

2. We needed a way to make it very easy and attractive for the customer to discover our client’s solution.

3. We needed a way to excite them, to bond with them, and also educate them as to why our client’s solution was vastly superior to the noisy cowboys in the market.

4. We had to make sure that we could move the customer seamlessly from a web-based attractor to a 1:1 conversation to allow a consultant to help them understand the benefits for them specifically.

Preparation and Research

We created customer avatars, and did research with our client’s database to see what his customers were hoping for, and what they were worried about.

We also researched the best way to attract people online, engage and excite them, and then move them over to a different medium to allow the buyers in the audience to be closed efficiently, and with the right level of product for their appetite and budget.

The Solution

Once we’d done all the research, we were able to create the following automated solution pretty quickly, which was able to run 24/7 in countries across the world, whilst our client was able to relax more and focus on managing the process, rather than being a slave to it.


We created a range of adverts for social media and email lists (based on the customer research) that invited people to register for a free webinar designed to give them a solution to the problems they had most identified with.


We recorded a webinar with our client that gave his customers the chance to engage with him, become excited about the possibilities of what he offered, and also educated them as to why they should choose his quality product rather than other alternatives.


At the end of the webinar, our client invited the customer to book a 30 minute call via a smart call booking service to see how this could work for them. (A digital gift was also offered as an incentive.)


On the call, the customer explained their own situation, and the consultant then helped the customer to understand the benefits of the product for them specifically, and closed them on a minimum £2k sale value.

The Outcome

We spent some time fine-tuning the engine, but very quickly our client was able to enjoy the following benefits:

1. Because the adverts were well targeted and well written, more people responded to them. Also, they were more inclined to join a webinar than go to a live event. So cost of acquisition went down 70%.

2. Because we used a pre-recorded webinar that could run 24/7, that meant the customer was able to progress their interest the same day – vitally important in today’s fast moving world.

3. Because the webinar was pre-recorded, we could get it absolutely spot-on, and we also knew it would be as good each time, and our client could relax more.

4. Because the customer was handled intelligently, and knew the benefits for them, cancellations dropped from 25% to almost zero.

Would you like to see how this could work for your business?

We did a lot of research for this project to find out the best formats for adverts, the best length, times and structures for the webinars, the most effective selling structure for the consultancy calls … in fact, over 20 different factors were tested and refined.

If your business relies on selling high-ticket services online, this research will be of massive value to you. 

We’ll be happy to share it with you – book a free Discovery Call and we’ll do just that.  Plus, you’ll also get the chance to ask any questions, and get feedback about how to create your own version of this highly effective strategy.

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