The Webinar to Consultancy Call Strategy

The Webinar to Consultancy Call Strategy



This is one of our most popular implementation projects, because it’s one that can be highly automated, works well with cold traffic, and provides high-quality leads that can be sold high-priced items.

(We have one client in particular who is selling £2,000 training courses using this strategy, and their conversion rate doing it this way beats anything else they have tried in their 16-year history.)

Strategy Components

  • Online Advert: this can be targeted at customers regardless of buying temperature. It offers a free webinar that addresses their key pain points and provides a solution or insight they want. It can be used with social media, or sent to an existing customer list, and is a good way of re-connecting with disengaged subscribers in an email list.
  • Evergreen Webinar: this is a pre-recorded webinar that is scheduled to run at pre-set times. The webinar (usually around 45 mins long depending on target customer) has a well-thought-out structure that engages the customer and positions your business as a trusted expert. The customer is provided with definite value, and is brought tantalisingly close to the big answers they want.  The call to action at the end of the webinar is to get a free 30-45 min 1:1 consultation to see how this solution can work for them – and to get the final pieces of the puzzle.
  • Consultancy Call & Telesale: this establishes the customer’s particular need, and maps your solution benefits to their situation. The call is structured to allow the customer to provide all the information to allow your salespeople to do the job well, handling objections, de-positioning alternatives and competitors, and allowing the customer to connect your offering to their desire. Because it’s a consultative sale, that allows higher-priced items to be sold in.


  • 2 Stage Online Adverts: if you want to reduce your cost of acquisition further, you can run engagement adverts on social media (adverts where you pay for people to watch your videos etc) and then target the people who do engage with this ad with a second conversion ad, which invites them to the webinar.
  • Application Form for Call: if you need to raise the quality of respondent, we can put in a screening application process for the call that will only allow them to book if they meet certain pre-set criteria. This dramatically increases the effectiveness and morale of sales teams as they are working with high-quality prospects.


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